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I plan to start iPhone Dev. Is a Mac mini 2.26 GHz with 2Go memory powerful enough?

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This is an exact duplicate of this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/1568604/… –  Brad Larson Oct 26 '09 at 12:54

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I have mac mini with such processor and only 1GB memory. This is not bad for developing. With 2Gb it will be OK too.

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Certainly powerful enough. A 7200rpm drive is a cheap improvement, a SSD much more expensive but also more dramatic improvement. Your mini may not be capable of accepting 4GB RAM depending on generation but if it is, it's a cheap sweetener.

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I do regular OS X development on a two year old Macbook, which is more than sufficient. Although I would recommend putting in more RAM. I bought 2x2GB for ~150 USD, which really made a difference. Just make sure that it's actually somewhat easy to replace your RAM, IIRC it's quite difficult on some Mini's.

Update: There are some good picture guides on iFixIt - and if we look at one for the A1283 it seems pretty difficult, put possible.

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all minis, iirc. –  harms Oct 26 '09 at 11:09
You seem to be correct. That's a shame, considering it is done in 3 minutes on the Macbooks. Anyways, updated answer with links to some guides. –  Harry Vangberg Oct 26 '09 at 12:02

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