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For some reason, when I open files from a unix server on my windows machine, they occasionally have Macintosh EOL conversion, and when I edit/save them again they don't work properly on the unix server. I only use notepad ++ to edit files from this unix server, so is there a way to create a macro that automatically converts EOL to Unix format whenever I open a file?

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That functionality is already built into Notepad++. From the "Edit" menu, select "EOL Conversion" -> "UNIX/OSX Format". You can also set the default EOL in notepad++ via "Settings" -> "Preferences" -> "New Document/Default Directory" then select "Unix/OSX" under the Format box.

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I know about the conversion in the edit menu, and the settings you mentioned are only for new documents. I want to automatically make the conversion for every file I open (or every file I save) –  user2324363 May 1 '13 at 16:04
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