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I used the *Z3_parse_smtlib2_file(c,Z3_string,0,0,0,num_decl,&decl_names,&decls)* to try to get the variables and the quantity of variables. But the value of *num_decl* still be zero. What I consider the value will be become as the different smt2 files. Thanks

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The parameters num_decls, decl_names and decls are input parameters. They are used to initialize the SMT 2.0 parser symbol table with declarations created using the C API. The current Z3 API does not provide procedures for extracting the sorts and functions declared in a file/string in SMT 2.0 format. This information is available internally. See the files in the following directories in the Z3 distribution src/parsers/smt2 and src/cmd_context/cmd_context.*.

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