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Is there any way I can write a superscript slash with Unicode?

My aim is to represent rational exponents in a nicer form than 123**(456/789).

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No. On general grounds, we can be pretty sure that if such a character existed, it would be in the Superscripts and Subscripts block (not all superscripts are there, but the odds are that if any superscripts will be added, they will be placed there).

So you need some higher-level protocol, as you usually do, when you need superscripts beyond a fairly limited repertoire. Unicode is about encoding characters, not about layout and mathematical expressions.

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Looking at the complete official Unicode name list and making the bold assumption it would have "slash" either in its name or description, there is no such character at this time.

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Assuming http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_subscripts_and_superscripts is accurate, the answer is no.

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