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I am trying to create a singleton object as a model for a view on backbone, and I want to re-render the view whenever this singleton object is being changed and updated. I am not sure the following code would be the right way of doing it or not


define(function(require) {
     var Singleton = require("modules/Singleton");
     var Singleton = null;
     var SingletonHolder = {

        init: function() {
           Singleton = new Singleton();
           return Singleton.fetch();

        current: function() {
           return Singleton;

        refresh: function() {
           return Singleton.fetch();

    return SingletonHolder;


var currentObj = SingletonHolder.current();
var tempView = new TempView({
            model: currentObj


var TempView = Backbone.View.extend({
    initialize: function() {
         this.listenTo(this.model, "change", this.render);

    render: function() {


For some reasons it doesn't work. Did i miss anything ? I also tried to call Singleton.refresh which it goes to the server side and fetches the latest data from the database, but it doesn't detect the changes and re-render the view.

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You don't have to define a Singleton if you already use requirejs.


define(['models/foo'], function(FooModel){
  return new FooModel;


define(['foosingleton', 'tempview'], function(fooSingleton, TempView){
  var tempView = new TempView({
    model: fooSingleton

Here is a similar question: Is it a bad practice to use the requireJS module as a singleton?

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