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I was learning flex for a few days now and suddenly noticed that input of unicode / foreign characters on Linux into TextInput, TextArea or RichTextEditor gives you unreadable text composed of several characters (seems like utf-8 is making things bad). On the other hand, output is flawless.

I was trying hard to find anything for the same issue on the internet, but only this old blog entry could be seen. Author produced temporary solution but it is not sufficient.

So if Windows allows unicode and Linux doesn't, what should I do? Maybe the problem is on my machine only? Did anybody come up with the same problem and maybe the solution?

I have Adobe Flash installed on my Sabayon Linux box.

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Might have something to do with this bug:

Incorrect unicode input in linux

Which, apparently, will get fixed once FP 10.1 is released.

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Thank you! Have not looked at the Adobe bug site. –  Tautrimas Pajarskas Oct 26 '09 at 19:40

Just to further update the answer. Flex 4 components support unicode and the unicode characters can be typed into input controls using Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6+ and IE7+ .

For Java MySQL users


To allow utf8 data-write operations.

Database table and columns must be set to utf8_* encoding to make sure the unicode data can be stored in the tables.

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