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I have multiple virtualenvs on a single server and I would like to perform 2 operations on all of the virtualenvs.

  1. pip freeze
  2. pip list --outdated

Is there an automated solution/command that will permit me to perform these pip operations on all the virtualenvs without having to workon/activate/deactivate each virtualenv in turn and run the pip commands ?

I see that as part of virtualenvwrapper there is the lsvirtualenv command to list all virtualenvs. But I don't see a solution for running pip commands in each virtualenv.


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This is long overdue for an answer. If you directly run the pip script in the bin folder of the virtualenv then you don't need to bother with the activate/deactivate dance. Keeping that in mind I came up with the following off hand bash aliases for a quick and dirty solution that seem to work when I tested them:

$ alias freeze-all='find . -type f -perm /ugo+x -regex \'.*/bin/pip$\' -exec echo {} freeze: \; -exec pip freeze \;'
$ alias outdated-all='find . -type f -perm /ugo+x -regex \'.*/bin/pip$\' -exec ehco {} list --outdated \; -exec {} list --outdated\;'

Then just run the aliases as $ freeze-all or $ outdated-all. You can add these lines (without the $ prompt) to your .bashrc file if you like them and/or hack on it to suit your tastes. It may lack polish, but it'll get the job done.

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