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i have problem concerning hash of hashes reachability, which i cannot overcome, besides going through all elements using for and while cycles. Hash of hashes is in this structure:

$atomsArray{$number} = {
      "x" => $x, 
      "y" => $y,
      "z" => $z

for my $number(sort keys %atomsArray){
   while ((my $key, my $value) = each(%{$atomsArray{$number}})){
       #Counting angles between atoms(x,y,z)

Is there any better way than this?

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Using a hash slice is one option:

my ( $x, $y, $z ) = @{ $atomsArray{$number} }{ qw(x y z) };
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or $atomsArray{$number}{'x'}, etc to get individual elements –  ysth Apr 26 '13 at 16:40

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