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I developed a very simple application, using openCV for IOS. It worked until I decided to use the code in other project. I am getting this armv7 error and I can't see where is the problem (please, see last image)

I created a static lib file of my working code, which has the following architecture info: lib architecture

Than I compiled it into a *.a file and added the dyOpenCv.a and a DyOpenCV.h files to my main project, which has the following architecture information: Project architecture

But when I try to use the method within the header file (DyOpenCV.h), the following error appears: armv7 error

Any Ideas of what may it be?

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They are all linking problems. Make sure you link your project to the libraries that implement those symbols. –  karlphillip Apr 26 '13 at 16:25

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There were two issues related to linking libraries:

  1. Firstly, although my subproject had the opencv2.framework correctly added and linked to it, I also had to add this framework to my main project. This way I got rid of the cv::* linking problems;

  2. The second issue was related to my crossing compiler Objective-C++ configuration. Once I was using libc++ as my Standard Library, I added -lc++ to my Other Linker Flags. In case you are using libstdc++ as your Standard Library, you should add -lstdc++ instead.

After That, it worked perfectly. Although there were some memory leaks to take care of =)


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I think its because ur project is not linking to the C++ runtime .

Try adding libc++.dylib to ur linked Libraries.

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