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I speak a little english, sorry if its hard to read.

This is my problem. I did a class extending Asyntask to set values to a database. But the paremeter I set in generic types was ContentValues.

class putInformationToDB extends AsyncTask<ContentValues, Integer, Integer>

Then when I call the execute method to run it, I set a contentvalues that I made previously to get all the values from registry and dialogs. But now in the method:

protected Integer doInBackground(ContentValues... params)

I have a problem. The paremeter is a array contentvalues, and I don't know how to take values/key back. If it was a contentvalues, I would take the values back with iterator, and map. But I don't know how to transform it in a contentvalues first. :-(

I was thinking about to pass another kind of parameter like String and then get it with a loop and put it in a ContentValues.

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You can simply iterate over the array:

for(ContentValues c : params){
    //do something with c

or if you're sure that there is only an element in the array you can access it directly:

ContentValues c = params[0];
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Thanks. Well, i was confused. –  Luis Nuñez Apr 27 '13 at 0:06

if you've passed an array. You may simply get it using ` ContentValues[] arr = params[0];

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