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Gents and ladies,

I am rendering a partial with 2 buttons and text and trying to put that couple of buttons on the same line as my text, using twitter bootstrap. Partial file:

<div class="well pull-right inline">
<% if logged_in? %>
    Logged in as <%= session[:user] %>. <%= button_to 'Logout', logout_path, :class => "btn btn-danger", :form_class => "form-inline form-horizontal" %>
<% else %>
    Welcome Guest! <%= button_to "Login", login_path, {:class => "btn btn-success inline", :form_class => "form-inline form-horizontal"} %>
    or <%= button_to 'Register', register_path, {:class => "btn btn-primary inline", :form_class => "form-inline form-horizontal"} %>
<% end %>

Same goes for the logout button that renders when the user is logged in. I have tried putting various things in button_to class as well as its form_class, nothing worked so far, each button is on its own line. Any help or hints greatly appreciated!

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Try changing the button_to to link_to and double checking that css contains something like position: relative; display: inline. You might also check that the div is wide enough!

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link_to solved it, thank you! – IKA Apr 26 '13 at 16:48

Rails generates a form with a div inside for button_to. To make it inline, you need to change both the form and the div to inline. In your css, add

.button_to div {
  display: inline;
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If for any reason you cannot replace the button_to with a link_to the following approach worked for me:

<div style="display:inline-block;">
  <%= button_to "Text", action: "some_action" %>
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You can access the style properties of the form created by the button_to helper using this sintax:

<%= button_to "Login", login_path, form: {style: 'display:inline-block;}%>
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