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I need to be able to ensure that the iphone is always connected to a network. If it loses reception I need to be able to warn the user. Since the only way I see this working is using a background process is it possible to use private APIs so that the app can run in the background.

I know it can be done with Jailbroken phones but I would rather not Jailbreak the phones.

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If you mean having this behavior while running an app; check out the Reachability sample.

If you mean having this behavior while not running an app; check out Android.

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There is currently no way to run a background process.

You can send notifications to the phone while it is connected to a network, but obviously there is no way to send a notification when it is disconnected.

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Undocumented or documented we don't have the means. –  JoePasq Oct 26 '09 at 10:46

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