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Is it somehow possible to host a static webpage on google cloud storage which is protected by the "normal" google login mechanism. Basically that users need to enter their google username and password before seeing the webpage? I already know that it is possible to set permissions by giving users email adresses. But I don't think my use case is supported. Although it would be very convenient.

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If you are looking to open your page to all Google Account holders, you can use the AllAuthenticatedUsers scope in your ACL for the webpage object.

Then anyone logged into Google will be able to access the page via http://storage.cloud.google.com/yourbucket/yourwebpage.html. Note that the user will be redirected to a commondatastorage.googleapis.com location that serves the page, so relative links from yourwebpage.html would not work.

If you are looking to restrict the webpage to a specific Google group of account holders (as opposed to all Google account holders), you can grant access to a Group instead of AllAuthenticatedUsers.

For details on how to set an AllAuthenticatedUsers or a Group access control, see the Access Control Documentation.

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Hot being able to have relative links is exactely my problem. With this restriction, it's not possible to host google-account-protected webpages ... –  David Graf May 12 '13 at 7:57

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