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This one has been bugging me for a while now, but I never seem to be satisfied with the way the bug categories are defined in our bug tracker. It always seems like 90% of bugs go to "General" and 2/3 of the categories never get used.

How do you organize/categorize the bugs in your bugtracker?

Edit: I'm starting a new project on an ASP.NET MVC website. What would be your categories on an MVC website

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We use FogBugz's default fields, which are:

  • Project (roughly mapped to a team)
  • Area within project
  • MileStone

You have to adapt these fields for your specific context. Have someone responsible for filling these fields correctly. The person in charge can be a project manager, a QA manager or a development team leader. They can periodically go over the bugs marked as "General" and create relevant categories, while removing dead categories.

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