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I am currently inserting data into a table using the below method.

public async void PerformRegistration()
    var personTable = App.MobileService.GetTable<PersonTable>();

    var person = new PersonTable
        FirstName = FirstNameTextBox.Text,
        LastName = LastNameTextBox.Text,
        EmailAddress = EmailTextBox.Text,
        Password = PasswordTextBox.Password,
        DateOfRegister = DateTime.Now

    await personTable.InsertAsync(person);

And I access it like seen below

var person = await personTable
    .Where(p => p.EmailAddress == EmailTextBox.Text)

What is the easiest way to perform an update on an entry already in the db? I am not sure on how to keep the Id the same value.

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You simply need to load an entity like you are doing

var person = await personTable
    .Where(p => p.EmailAddress == EmailTextBox.Text)

Then change the properties you want and after that call UpdateAsync

await personTable.UpdateAsync(person);

It's all explained in this tutorial

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Hi, thanks Pascal. This tutorial pointed me in the correct direction. Going to update question with the answer. Thanks again for your help! –  Jonso Crabsi Apr 27 '13 at 11:40
I'm trying to do the same but without success. I've loaded an entity like this: var namebet = await todoTable.Where(p => p.Id == 1).ToListAsync(); and called await todoTable.UpdateAsync(namebet); But I'm stuck on changing the properties. How can change e.g FinalScore to Score.Text? –  user1951083 Jun 4 '13 at 12:05

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