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I have a feeling there must be a stupid mistake here that I can't see, but I've been staring at it so long that I'm at a loss. I'm generating an SQL statement via VBA, and I keep getting a weird error. The SQL comes out looking like this:

SELECT c.Junction_ID AS [ID], c.[First_Name] AS [First Name], c.[Last_Name] AS [Last Name], 
  c.Location, c.Start_Date AS [Start Date], c.End_Date AS [End Date], 
  s.Helpful_Scale AS [Helpfulness], s.Memory_Scale AS [Memory] 
FROM nka_ClassList_Unique c 
INNER JOIN nka_Supplemental s ON c.Junction_ID = s.Junction_ID 
INNER JOIN nka_ClassList_Unique_Mgrs m ON m.Location = c.Location 
  AND ((c.Start_Date BETWEEN m.StartDate AND m.EndDate) 
    OR (c.End_Date BETWEEN m.StartDate AND m.EndDate) 
    OR (m.StartDate BETWEEN c.Start_Date AND c.End_Date) 
    OR (m.EndDate BETWEEN c.Start_Date AND c.End_Date)) 
WHERE ((c.Management = False) AND (c.Dist_Manager = False) 
  AND (m.Junction_ID = 129880) AND (c.Location = "DEC"))

Access raises the following error (I've formatted it to fit on the screen):

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression
`c.Junction_ID = s.Junction_ID INNER JOIN nka_Sprint1_ClassList_Unique_Mgrs m 
  ON m.Location = c.Locatio'.

What would cause Access to stop parsing this query partway through a field name? It doesn't have anything to do with stopping after a certain number of characters. Even if I change the length of the SELECT statement of the table aliases, it always stops at c.Locatio.

Any thoughts on why it would be doing this? There must be something dumb I'm overlooking here.

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MSAccess is a little bit picky when joining more than two tables. It requires parenthesis between joins,

SELECT c.junction_id   AS [ID], 
       c.[first_name]  AS [First Name], 
       c.[last_name]   AS [Last Name], 
       c.start_date    AS [Start Date], 
       c.end_date      AS [End Date], 
       s.helpful_scale AS [Helpfulness], 
       s.memory_scale  AS [Memory] 
FROM   ((nka_classlist_unique c 
       INNER JOIN nka_supplemental s 
               ON c.junction_id = s.junction_id)  // <<== observe the parenthesis
       INNER JOIN nka_classlist_unique_mgrs m 
               ON m.location = c.location 
                  AND ( ( c.start_date BETWEEN m.startdate AND m.enddate ) 
                         OR ( c.end_date BETWEEN m.startdate AND m.enddate ) 
                         OR ( m.startdate BETWEEN c.start_date AND c.end_date ) 
                         OR ( m.enddate BETWEEN c.start_date AND c.end_date ) ) )
WHERE  ( ( = false ) 
         AND ( c.dist_manager = false ) 
         AND ( m.junction_id = 129880 ) 
         AND ( c.location = "dec" ) ) 
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Ahh... that did the trick. Thanks, this was driving me crazy! – Jeff Rosenberg Apr 26 '13 at 18:16
you're welcome :) – John Woo Apr 26 '13 at 18:16

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