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I have a Durandal widget in Hot Towel Template and I need to use some values from widget in external view. I tried this:

<div data-bind="widget: { kind: 'myWidget', items: projects, value: newValue }"></div>
<span data-bind="text: newValue"></span>

But newValue is empty. In controller.js I set settings.value successfully, but I think that settings is only used to work along to the widget, but I need to get some values from Durandal widget. Is it possible?

I am new in Durandal widget, please any help much appreciated!

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I had the same problem time ago. I solved this problem using the durandal events. You can find more information in the next url: http://durandaljs.com/documentation/Events/

Also in some cases I have use the url to send some information between a widget and a view, but it is for a very specific situation. When doing something in the widget implies to change the current view.

If you need more information about one of this solution, I can add some examples.


To throw an event in durandal you have to use the app module:


To catch this event, you have to do that:

app.on("someEvent", function () {
  //Do that you want

So, you can throw an event from the widget, and capture where you want.

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I agree with you @new2cpp. But it was the only solution that I was able to find for it. It would be great if anyone can find another solution. –  jvrdelafuente Mar 2 at 6:32

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