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I have a backend that pools a database for jobs. To facilitate system speedup, I would like for multiple backends to poll the database for jobs.

Job table: jobid,date,action,completed

I was told this should be done with row locking. The backends will do a SELECT ... LIMIT 1 FOR UPDATE; However, after some testing, the selects do not skip locked rows and will block until that row is unlocked.

If there a way to get the first unlocked row (with FOR UPDATE)?


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I assume you are marking the row in some way, to show that some backend job is handling it. If so, you could follow a procedure like this:

  1. Select .... Where STATUS='OPEN' LIMIT 1
  2. Update ... Set STATUS='RUNNING' Where Job-Key=? AND STATUS='OPEN'
  3. if Update count <> 1 then some other poller got to it first, so loop back to the select
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