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I am very new to Sunspot/Solr and I am facing problems in getting a fulltext search to work on my website. Please find the code below:


attr_accessible :category_id, :title, :description
belongs_to :category

searchable do 
  text :title, :description


has_many :products


def show
  @category = Category.find_by_slug!(params[:id])
  @search = @category.products.solr_search do
    fulltext params[:search]
  @products = @search.results


<%= form_tag @category, :method => :get do %>
     <%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search] %>
     <%= submit_tag "Search", :name => nil %>

I want to search the products that belong to a particular category. For example, if the category in the params is :fiction , I want to limit my search results to the products that are under that category. However , with the above code if I search, say 'lost' , I get all the products matching 'lost' under all categories. I am not able to understand what I am doing wrong here. Please help.

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I figured out how to do it ater reading the sunspot wiki. In categoriescontroller.rb

if(params[:search] != nil)
    @search = Product.solr_search do
      with :category_id, Category.find_by_slug!(params[:id]).id
      fulltext params[:search]
    @products = @search.results
    @products = @category.products
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