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I have a UIWebView that displays documents in my iPad app. I allow users to export these documents to other programs. I am wondering how to allow the users to turn the documents into PDFs before exporting them, opening up some other program options. I have not found any good solutions to this problem.

Thanks so much, R

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My friend used this info with similar problem: Please, go by this link: http://www.filigris.com/products/docflex_javadoc/

The freeware edition called DocFlex/Doclet offers highly sophisticated formatting capabilities, rendering of embedded HTML tags and including images into the generated RTF. You can freely download and use it. The downloads page: http://www.filigris.com/downloads/

The full edition called DocFlex/Javadoc is for professional developers, who want to customize their own RTF (or HTML) documentation generated with Javadoc.

Hope its helps:)

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