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I need a way to organize source code for a third-party javascript widget; it's one big closure with a single variable in the host site's namespace. This widget will be contained in a single js module/closure. Something like jQuery is built using an intro.js and outro.js and this creates loads of invalid javascript. For instance, the intro.js file from jQuery:

(function() {

What I need is a way to make a file that might look like this:

var _ns || _ns = (function() {
  /* --include(src/module1.js)-- */
  /* --include(src/module2.js)-- */
  return { pub: api };

Is there a GruntJS task for something like this? This is different than concat/uglify, etc. I know that with concat I can do it the way the jQuery team does. I'm trying to avoid that. Also, I can't use requireJS because it requires polluting the host site's js namespace.

Googling this is very difficult as there are some very popular conflicting results.

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Exactly my question, thanks for this. –  Alex Dean Jan 23 at 9:31

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Checkout Grunt-wrap it does exactly that.

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