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(I'm working with SmartSVN and Visual SVN Server)

I need to check out a project from subversion to the project-directory of an IDE. the IDE can't open projects from anywhere (eg directly from the working copy) it only sees the projects in its projects folder.

I can't use the IDEs project folder directly as working copy directory, cause I need to have a working copy directory for each svn-url. (I get the error "../projects is already a working copy for a different url" when checking out a second project)

So, do I have to run a script that copies the files from wc to the projects folder? How is this triggered? (from SmartSVN) this seems a little awkward....

How is this done best?

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Is it possible to group projects together into one folder or does every project need to be in a separate folder which is contained in the project folder root? Maybe you could try checking out into subdirectories of the project folder. – Etan Oct 26 '09 at 11:39
Are there multiple 'projects' folders, or is there just one? Does it recursively find files (does /projects/project1 and /projects/project2 work)? – Sander Rijken Dec 7 '09 at 19:35

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You may want to try to check out a project into the IDE's project directory. For example...

/project - the project directory for the IDE
/project/MyProject1 - First Project
/project/MyProject2 - Second Project
/project/etc - Other projects.

Basically, check each project out separately from SVN underneath the IDE's project directory.

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