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I have a bunch of data about people attended or unattended, and I want to sepparate them. In one column I have '0' for unattended people, and some number for the attended ones. How can I show that in a report? I want a pie chart that divides them, and I've spent many hours in this, I don't even know how to search about it and I have almost no experience with Crystal Reports.

I've tried making two summarize formulas for acumulated totals like this (the other one looks almost the same):

StrCmp(ToText({table.Atendido}),"0") <> 0

But I can't use that in a pie chart. And it doesn't even stores the data as it supposed to do, in my data I have 8 unattended, 1 attended. This formula gives me 9 as result.

Any help is greatly apreciated, thanks!

My data looks like this:

IDPerson   Person   Attended
1          John     0
2          Mary     0
3          Graves   1
4          Paula    0

In the report I need:

  • Who was attended (list of people)
  • A pie chart of attended, unattended with percentages and all

If I group by Attended, the groups form like this:

Bad groups

There will be many groups of numbers > 0, I just need groups sepparated by:

  • attended = 0
  • attended != 0
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I hope i understand your question but if you group on Attended then you should be able to get what you want with count functions.

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Thanks for your response! this is the result: i.imgur.com/Of8uuU6.png?1 but this is NOT what I need, I need two groups, in the way you are telling me there will be a bunch of groups by numbers > 0 and the one group of numbers = 0. –  JustStartedtowrite Apr 26 '13 at 19:47
I might be misunderstanding you but i thought attended had two values 1 or 0. If that's true then you should have two groups that you can count or get a distinct count one. if I'm misunderstanding you post a snapshot of your report design view –  user1376713 Apr 26 '13 at 20:20
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I was over complicating it, because I'm inexperienced and in a hurry...

I made a formula to separate both values:

if tonumber({PacientesAtendidosYNoAtendidos.Atendido}) = 0 then 0 else 1

Then, I just grouped by that. Very silly, indeed.


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