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I have a ListBox containing 2 elements: item and price.

I add them like so:

lbtest.Items.Add(new ListBoxItem()
    Content = item + prijs,
    FontSize = 14,
    Foreground = Brushes.Red

Now of course this results into:

Fries€2,00 // btw they are from Belgium NOT from France lol

I played around with .PadLeft and .PadRight but these aren't giving me the conditions i want:

Fries              €2,00
    Ketchup        €0,30
Burger             €2,00
    Onion          €0,10
SomeFood           €2,00
    SomeSubItem    €500

Is there some kind of calculation i can use to achieve this ?

My ListBox has a static width, maybe i can do something with that ?

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You should try working with:

    var name = "ItemName";
    var price = "€2,00";

    var daa = String.Format("{0, 5} {1, 10}", name, price);

That results in:

"ItemName      €2,00"

The {0,1,2.., [align]} is quite nice

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