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Hi I'm new to Doxygen and recently run into a problem which I could not solve. I have this piece of documented code:

    \def nAsserts
    Uncomment that line so that all asserts would be removed
//#define nAsserts

and its supposed to tell the user to uncomment that line when they wish to remove all asserts but doxygen is returning me a warning:

warning: documention for unknown define nAsserts found

I think the problem is that doxygen ignores all commented codes so is that any way to fix this or work around it?

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Not sure if it is a best option, but you can use the approach below.

Modify configuration file to include PREDEFINED parameter:

PREDEFINED           = "DOXYGEN=1"

In your code, do the following:

#define nAsserts

Doxygen follows own preprocessor and can conditionally include/exclude source module sections.

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hey thanks now nAsserts shows up in the documentation but it doesn't have the line number attached like how a normal define does anyway to solve that? –  Cheng Lai Apr 26 '13 at 19:49
Hey turns out the problem was on my part. Thanks for the solution it's working perfectly now. Cheers. –  Cheng Lai May 6 '13 at 21:28

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