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I am trying to find a good serialization library in java world. What I need: 1. It can serialize/deserialize object into xml, of course. 2. It has to use xml definition and code can be generated by any clients. I don't want to share code with my clients. I would rather share xml definition and let them generate code from it.

I found JAXB can do No1, but I am not sure if it can adopt No2. Is there anything else I can use.

Thanks a lot.

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You can use JAXB for both the requirement, it can serialize/deserialize ( or we can say Unmarshal and Marshal). The JAXB classes generated from an XML Schema are POJOs with the standard JAXB annotations. As part of Metro there is a project for JAXB providing reference implementation. JSR 222 is developed by JCP for JAXB. You can have a look at these for more details.

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Not sure that I understand your second requirement, but xstream might be the answer

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It has to use xml definition and code can be generated by any clients.

You can generate an XML schema from a JAXB model. This XML schema can be considered the XML definition:

And a JAXB model can be generated from an XML schema.

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