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I am trying to find an answer to a question that I am trying to solve in Access. I can retrieve the following data from my input spreadsheet:

Recid    Cat1    Cat2   Cat3

1          Yes      Yes      No

2          Yes      Yes      Yes

3          No       Yes      No

4          Yes      Yes      No

5          No        No      Yes

I would like to create a new table that contains only the recid and the associated categories that have "yes" as the value.

Recid Category
1 Cat1
1 Cat2
2 Cat1
2 Cat2
2 Cat3
3 Cat2
4 Cat1
4 Cat2
5 Cat3

Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer 1

You can use a UNION ALL query to convert your column data into rows:

select recid, cat1 as Category
from yourtable
where cat1 = 'Yes'
union all
select recid, cat2 as category
from yourtable
where cat2 = 'Yes'
union all
select recid, cat3 as category
from yourtable
where cat3 = 'Yes'
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