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Is it possible to 'tell' compiler that if total number of warnings (while compiling a C++ program) are more than say 10 then stop compiling further, and emit an error? Or is it possible to hack a compiler like clang to provide this functionality.

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Since clang is open source, it's of course possible to modify it. –  leemes Apr 26 '13 at 20:45

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I haven't seen this kind of feature in gcc or clang. You can certainly try to patch it into either of them, both are open source. There is also -Werror (accepted by both compilers) which simply treats warnings as errors.

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How about using -Werror to make warnings into errors and -fmax-errors=n to set the limit. (Also, perhaps making your code completely warning free would be a good thing).

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+1 I always wanted such an option! –  leemes Apr 26 '13 at 20:44

GCC has two options together would achieve this, from gnu online docs:

Make all warnings into errors.

-fmax-errors=n Limits the maximum number of error messages to n, at which point GCC bails out rather than attempting to continue processing the source code.

This would make a build with any warnings fail though, the options just define when to stop parsing.

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