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Not sure if this is a Firefox or Primefaces issue.

i have a simple form with

  • name
  • email -> 'test'
  • password1 -> '**'
  • password2

When i enter the page, email and password1 are filled with the word 'test'. I have deleted all my history and formular data, but it is still there. The formular is not filled if i use private browsing or IE. When i switch the order of outputLabel and inputText to

  • email
  • name -> 'test'
  • password1 -> '**'
  • password2

than name and password1 are filled with the word 'test'.

<p:outputLabel value="Name" for="name" />
<p:inputText id="name" value="#{registration.user.name}" />
<p:outputLabel value="Email" for="regEmail" />
<p:inputText id="regEmail" value="#{registration.user.email}"/>                        
<p:outputLabel value="Password 1" for="pwd" />
<p:password id="pwd" value="#{registration.password}" match="pwd2" 
label="Password 1" required="true"/>                
<p:outputLabel value="Password 2" for="pwd2" />
<p:password id="pwd2" value="#{registration.password2}" 
label="Password 2" required="true"/>

Any idea, how i can get rid of this?

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Try setting autoComplete="false" on the component and hope your browser respects it

  <p:password id="pwd" value="#{registration.password}" match="pwd2" label="Password 1" autoComplete="false" required="true"/>
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i have set autocomplete="false" but the values are still there. –  tak3shi Apr 28 '13 at 18:48
@tak3shi "hope your browser respects it"... you might need to clear your browser cache and try it again –  kolossus Apr 29 '13 at 15:56

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