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I am quite new to heroku and I reached a bump in my dev...

I am trying to write a server/client kind of application...on the server side I will have a DB(I installed postgresql for python) and I was hoping I could reach the server, for now, via a python client(for test purposes) and send data/queries and perform basic tasks on the DB.

I am using python with Heroku, I manage to install the DB and it seems to be working(i.e i can query, insert, delete, etc...) now all i want is to write a server(in python) that would be my app and would listen on a port and receive messages and then perform whatever tasks it is asked to do...I tought about using sockets for this and have managed to write a basic server/client locally...however when I deploy the app on heroku i cannot connect to the server and my code is basically worthless

can somebody plz advise on the basic framework for this sort of requirements...surely I am not the first guy to want to write a client/server app...if you could point to a tutorial/doc i would be much obliged.


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Heroku is for developing Web (HTTP, HTTPS) applications. You can't deploy code that uses socket to Heroku.

If you want to run your app on Heroku, the easier way is to use a web framework (Flask, CherryPy, Django...). They usually also come with useful libraries and abstractions for you to talk to your database.

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