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This not a very 'correct' way to use node.js, but i have some complex jQuery client-side code that is very easy to test via node.js: i just run 'node sometest.js' and tests are executed command-line without a need for a browser. Very handy.

But i can't execute my code that use jQuery events in node.js, since jQuery events are based on document object that is browser-specific and don't have any relationships with node.js on server side:

$( document ).bind( 'myevent', function( e, a ) { console.log( a ); } );
$( document ).trigger( 'myevent', [ 'foo' ] );

Is there some easy way to use jQuery events on node.js, or is it based on technologies completely alien to server side?

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Node has an events implementation (called EventEmitter). It is not API-compatible with jQuery so I suggest you look at the documentation. – Dominic Barnes Apr 27 '13 at 3:55
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Found it, process can be used in jQuery in some cases instead of document or window. Works with events.

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