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I am using an api and I noticed that when I use RestSharp and do a call from my asp.net web api project my request fails.

I turned on fiddler and for whatever reason the api I am requesting thinks I am a mobile device and thus is redirecting me to the mobile site that does not support api calls.

I then did a request in fiddler and I can access the api. I changed my user-agent to fiddler through restsharp and now my requests go through when using my web api.

I don't want to leave it fiddler though. What should I use instead?

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youruseragent.info/commonua.en.htm has a list of common user agents - you could try picking one of them. –  Ian Kenney Apr 26 '13 at 21:53
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You are in-effect creating your own user-agent, so invent your own identifier. E.g. choboAgent/1.0

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