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I am trying to have same name for two subroutines but am getting the error:

gfortran gshapes.f08 gshapes_utest.f08 -o gshapes_utest.x

call ellips%set_ellipse_corner (crnr1, crnr2)
Error: Type mismatch in argument 'xlen' at (1); passed TYPE(gcorner) to REAL(4)

This is the type definition and associated subroutines:

type, public :: Ellipse
type(GCenter) :: centr  ! Center coordinate of ellipse
type(GCorner) :: crnr1  ! Upper left corner
type(GCorner) :: crnr2  ! Botton right corner
real :: xlen
real :: ylen            ! Size of ellipse in x- and y-directions
character (len=12) :: parm  ! Parameterisation of ellipse
  procedure :: set_cpnt_ellipse
  procedure :: set_ellipse_corner => set_spnt_ellipse, set_tpnt_ellipse
  procedure :: print => print_ellipse
end type Ellipse


! \brief Initialize geographical coordinate system grid object

subroutine set_cpnt_ellipse (ellips, gcentr, xlen, ylen)
  class(Ellipse) :: ellips
  type(GCenter) :: gcentr
  real :: xlen, ylen

  ellips%centr = gcentr
  ellips%xlen = xlen
  ellips%ylen = ylen
  ellips%parm = 'center'

end subroutine set_cpnt_ellipse

subroutine set_spnt_ellipse (ellips, gcrnr, xlen, ylen)
  class(Ellipse) :: ellips
  type(GCorner) :: gcrnr
  real :: xlen
  real :: ylen

  ellips%crnr1 = gcrnr
  ellips%xlen = xlen
  ellips%ylen = ylen
  ellips%parm = 'corner'

end subroutine set_spnt_ellipse

subroutine set_tpnt_ellipse (ellips, gcrnr1, gcrnr2)
  class(Ellipse) :: ellips
  type(GCorner) :: gcrnr1
  type(GCorner) :: gcrnr2

  ellips%crnr1 = gcrnr1
  ellips%crnr2 = gcrnr2
  ellips%parm = 'corners'

end subroutine set_tpnt_ellipse
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I think you can put them in an interface block:

interface set_tpnt_ellipse
  module procedure set_spnt_ellipse, set_cpnt_ellipse
end interface
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I call them a different name, set_spnt_ellipse and t_tpnt_ellipse. Then I use procedure :: set_ellipse_corner => set_spnt_ellipse, set_tpnt_ellipse in the defined type, which does not seem to work. It is always picking the first subroutine declared. – Pingu Apr 26 '13 at 22:40
This type is in a module – Pingu Apr 26 '13 at 22:43
Sorry. Misread. See my edit. – bob.sacamento Apr 26 '13 at 22:47
Did it again! One more edit! Hey, it's Friday. – bob.sacamento Apr 26 '13 at 22:50
The problem is that the subroutines are contained in a type declaration. – Pingu Apr 26 '13 at 22:55

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