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I am planning to run an app in GAE that initializes the Facebook login sequence in Javascript and passes the access token to a Python script to do server-side work. The javascript looks something like this

// Additional init code here

        function(response) {
            if (response.authResponse) {
                var access_token =   FB.getAuthResponse()['accessToken'];
                console.log('Access Token = '+ access_token);

What would be the easiest way to pass access_token to a Python class (say named fbProcessor) that is imported in main.py?

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Since the javascript is executed on the front end (client's browser) you can't really "pass" the access_token to python. You COULD make a http (AJAX) request from javascript to your python app with the access_token.

I think that if you are making a request to python you could just use facebook's python SDK to retrieve the information (including access token) for the current FB authenticated user... IDK the benefits of either way

the python facebook SDK has google app engine example's

If you are using the module within a web application with the JavaScript SDK, you can also use the module to use Facebook for login, parsing the cookie set by the JavaScript SDK for logged in users. For example, in Google AppEngine, you could get the profile of the logged in user with:

user = facebook.get_user_from_cookie(self.request.cookies, key, secret)
if user:
    graph = facebook.GraphAPI(user["access_token"])
    profile = graph.get_object("me")
    friends = graph.get_connections("me", "friends")

You can see a full AppEngine example application in examples/appengine.

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Thanks! What would the AJAX request look like? Just wondering. –  jumbopap Apr 27 '13 at 2:24

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