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Is it possible to use multiple facebook apps/ids on one website.? For example let's say I have 2 apps, called userless-app1 and user-app2, that will perform different functions on my website. Userless-app1 will be used strictly for making userless(user is not logged in) API calls using my app access token. But once the user logs in then it will use user-app2 to make the API calls using the user access token. The 2 apps will not be used at the same time, only 1 will be used depending if the user is logged in or not.

The reason I want to do this is because of the rate limit. I have a website/facebook-app that allows users to browse public facebook pages without having to be logged in becuase they are public pages. I understand that the facebook API rate limit is around 600 calls per 600 sec, per token & IP. So If the user is logged in then there should not be a problem with exceeding the rate limit since each user will have a unique user access token so each user will have a rate limit of 600 calls per 600 sec. But if the user is not logged in then the API calls will all be made using only 1 access token(my app token) and 1 IP address(my server IP). So If there are mutiple users browsing the public pages at the same time then it will be very easy to exceed 600 calls per 600 sec.

One way around that is by making all the calls for the public pages on client-side, so that each user will then have a unique IP address, so then each user will have a rate limit of 600 calls per 600 sec. The problem is that my app access token will be exposed to the user which is a security risk. The risk is that the person can maliciously spam all the users that has approved my app. So I was thinking that if I have a separate app to make all the userless calls, so even if someone steals my app access token then they still can't spam my users because there will not be any users to spam for that app. All my users will be linked to my other app(user-app2) that makes all the API calls on server-side. So is this possible? Is there any complications with this? will I receive any errors? Thanks in advance.

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To answer just the first question: Yes, it’s possible to use more than one app for one domain. If you ask me if I think your approach here is sensible – then No. I think you should rather look into server-side fetching of the data and some sort of chaching mechanism – so that you don’t (have to) exceed your API limit. – CBroe Apr 27 '13 at 1:16
I will definitely be using caching for the public pages but my website/app also displays the events of those pages, which are constantly changing so I can't cache the event listing long term because they are always updating. Plus my website/app covers every single city in the world. So caching will help some but it will not completely solve the problem. This was the only solution I can think of. – Angelo Rodriguez Apr 27 '13 at 19:26

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