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I have two mysql tables


  1. id
  2. usercode
  3. tab_id
  4. fid
  5. tablistid


  1. tab_id
  2. title
  3. usercode
  4. access_type
  5. question

both tables have tab_id as primary key and use the same value. I want to list the data from mytabs table which has same tab_id in Tabs Table and access_type = 1. I dont want to list the records from Tabs the query should only validate from Tabs if that Tab has access_type 1 then it should list

Is it possible? What I am trying is it has not returned anything.

 $mysql = "select  mytabs.*, tabs.* FROM mytabs, tabs  where mytabs.usercode='$usercode' and (mytabs.fid IS NULL || mytabs.fid='0') and tabs.access_type = '1' order by mytabs.tablistid asc"
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You can use INNER JOIN.

select * from tabs INNER JOIN myTabs ON tabs.tab_id = myTabs.tab_id

and append other condition in where clause.

And what INNER JOIN do is return rows only when there is at least one row from both tables that matches the join condition.

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Use this query

SELECT * FROM Shortcut s
ON s.tab_id=t.tab_id
WHERE t.access_type=1 AND t.usercode = '$usercode'
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