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I have updated my config variable in my model using:

$this->config->set_item('userid', $user_id);

if i echo it in the model i can see that it gets set.

But if i echo it in the controller or another model using:

echo $this->config->item('userid');

it shows the original value.

I need to store this config variable throughout the session but i do not want to use session variables.

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that configurtation is only applicable on that model which you set it. If you want a global setting without using session.

you could create a core model on application/core and name it


so basically what MY_Model do is that it sets your config on all models that extends it.

class MY_Model Extends CI_Model
  protected $user_id;
  public function __construct()
   $this->config->set_item('userid', $this->user_id);

then on your model that you want the settings to be applied, just extends your model. like

Model extends MY_Model

  public function test($id)
    $this->user_id = $id;


OR you could create a Core COntroller same as the above but substituting controller to model read more at

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hey thanks :) It worked. i have created a core model and used your logic. I want to know 1 more thing now do i have to extend all my other models classes also to MY_Model?? – Simone Apr 27 '13 at 6:26
@Simone yes you need to since the core model holds the global configuration item you need. – tomexsans Apr 27 '13 at 11:12

Try to initialize the config $this->ci = & get_instance(); and then set the value like $this->ci->config->set_item('userid', $user_id);

I have not tested this... but I assume it will work.

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