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Let's say I have a C program which only uses functions from stdio.h.

Now, if I include unwanted headers like stdlib.h, errno.h, etc. and compile the program, then will these unwanted headers have an impact on code segment?

I say "unwanted headers" because the program does not use functions declared in these headers.

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Headers don't load code into the program, they mostly just declare functions and structures. Code is loaded by linking with specific libraries. – Barmar Apr 27 '13 at 6:25
It might take longer to compile; but on modern machines, the difference is likely too slight to notice. – luser droog Apr 27 '13 at 6:28

No, your program only pulls in code that it references to. Including a header you don't use will be optimized out of the final code.

I should clarify, "Including a header you don't use will not result in 'extra waste' in the final product." No code is optimized out because no code is actually generated(since it's not referenced).

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Head files are used for compiler, if there are "unused head files", compile time will be low when the project is small.

But for a big project, it should be well handled. And you know "Simple is Beauty!"

And it's nothing to do with final binary product.

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