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I have started creating a 3d android game and of course this is my first experience in game development.I found out many tutorials and created a man like model in 3d as .md2 file and inserted animation into it. And now i got a perfect hero to make my game.

Now I want to show like he walks and the background was moving backwards. Please suggest me how can i create 3d background and make it move backwards so it will appear like perfectly he walks. Many more thanks for reading this and its great if u suggest any answer, so that my long search will comes to end. Thanks

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I finally made moving the background by using the SkyBox, i created a box and make it moved by moving the position value. and use blender to create a 3d Model

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Try to use one library to made it for you i have a website with a lot of libraries for android try one and give some feedback

Android Libraries

sorry for my bad english.

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