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While converting value of a textbox to Convert.ToSingle() adds some extra precision for values like 2.7 to 2.7999999523162842. I don't want any rounding of this value because I have to store the exact value entered by the user to DB. So if any one have this issue before please post the solution, any help will appreciated.

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That's because a float is a binary fraction which cannot exactly represent the number 2.7 -- when you try to assign a number that is not a binary fraction to a float or a double, you will inevitably end up with an inexact representation.

You need use a decimal if you don't want to precise represent decimal numbers like 2.7.

var myDecimal = Convert.ToDecimal(input);

SImilarly, to store this value in a sql server database you need to use a SQL data type capable of storing precise decimal numerics. Conventiently, this data type is called decimal in SQL as well

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