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I am working on my master's thesis which is about XML-HTTP DOS attacks. I have some pcap files and DARPA dataset but I don't know how to use them to simulate DOS attacks ? I used Wireshark to open files and it works but it shows just information. Do I need to write a program to apply these datasets? Or already exist some tools ? Thanks in advance

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This is an example of C code used to read in a pcap file (as output by tcpdump or wireshark) with the pcap library. This code is only tested to work on my system (OS X 10.5 and gcc), so let me know if it doesn’t work on yours.

To use: install the pcap libraries on your system and compile with the “-lpcap” switch. For this program the command line arguments are a list of pcap files to read in. The program keeps track of simple byte counts and traffic volume, but illustrates the use of pcap_next and how to access the data in the packet (in this case to get at the IP header).

try this:


or this:


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