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I want to remove the border which chrome adds for any text box. Here's my html and css which I have already tried.


<input id="searchbar" type="search" placeholder="Search" />


    border: 0;
    outline: none;
    outline-offset: 0;

Please advice. There is no border added in IE and the textbox looks perfectly fine.

Update: Attaching the image( I want to achieve what I see on IE10 in Chrome as well)

enter image description here

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3 Answers

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Adding -webkit-appearance:none; will resolve it. This is a useful hack for form controls in WebKit.

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Thanks this worked !! –  Sampat Apr 27 '13 at 16:58
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add outline:none must solve your problem . please provide url of your site

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I have tried both @int32_t 's and @soheil's solution. Even though Chrome and Safari use the same webkit engine. Safari and its other variants IOS, ipad & iphone behave a little differently.



worked on Chrome but not on Safari


worked on Safari and not on Chrome

To be on the safer side you can use this

    border: none;      /* Good browsers universal rule */
    outline: none;     /* safari and its variants  */
    outline-offset: 0; /* IE and its variants  */
    -webkit-appearance:none; /* Chrome and its variants  */
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