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document.getElementById('send-to-one').onclick = function() {

                                    method : 'apprequests',
                                    message : "title",
                                    picture : null,
                                    from : {"id": 1554461707},
                                    data : {fromfbname: "伟叶",

fromid: 451377, giftid: "26", giftname: "Shiny Rock", gifttype: "item", pic: "http://cdn1.myninja.com/flashHash/images/gifts/IconItemShinyRock.png", subtype: "gift" }, title : 'afsfa', to : "100005666765373" }, function(response) {alert(response.request); } ); }

The "response.request" is always undiffined, the callback is empty Object. Another odd thing--this behavior is not happening to all users, just certain ones. And sometimes it is looks like this ,but sometime it is OK. It's about it failing silently when in canvas mode. No error message, no log in console, nothing. I don't kown how to debug with the "all.js" or "debug.js" , because the code is too long and too bad.


Please help me!

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