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I have a basic HTML template:

    <h3>Being a Freelance Designer</h3>
    <p>Etiam porta sem malesuada magna euismod... <a href="#">Read more</a>

I have an RSS feed,, and I am trying to pull the title and content of each RSS entry and create an <article>.

Each <article> is for an RSS entry, with the <h3> being the title and the <p> being the body. The <a> links back to the page article.

Can anyone help?

Here is a list of plugins that won't work as I need to load a feed from an external URL (These all use AJAX):

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You'll probably have faster results if you stick to one script and find out how to use it. As it's now, the question is fairly off-topic here. This is a programmer's site were you could post part of your code and ask for advice on how to fix it, but it isn't the place to gather recommendations about ready-to-use third-party scripts you can drop and start using. – Álvaro González Apr 27 '13 at 9:34
@ÁlvaroG.Vicario I forgot to mention this, but I will edit it now, the key problem is fetching the feed from an external URL which means that I can't use AJAX. – Benedict Lewis Apr 27 '13 at 9:39
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I took input from Clarkson's ideas and came up with

            type: 'GET',
            url: 'feed.xml',
            dataType: 'xml',
            success: function (xml) {
                $(xml).find("item").each(function () {
                    var title = $(this).find("title").text();
                    var description = $(this).find("description").text();
                    var linkUrl = $(this).find("link_url").text();
                    var link = "<a href='" + linkUrl + "' target='_blank'>Read More<a>";

I then hosted the file on a local web server which allowed me to access it as it removed the restrictions placed by the web browser.

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looks great :+1: – Clarkson Jey Jan 18 at 7:09

+ What do you mean?

You mean this following process?

  1. Parse XML
  2. Get Title, Description, Link from

        <title>*Using CSS to Create an Image Hover*</title>
  3. Create structure like following:

        <p>**Description**<a href="**Link**">Read more</a>

+ How to process?

  1. Parse XML

    If above process is right, You can use AJAX with dataType: "xml" like this.

    You can also use $.parseXML() like How to parse xml using jquery

  2. Insert data to <article> /

    Now, I think you got **Title**, **Description**, **Link** from <item> ~ /

    You can use id attribute on article tag like <article id="idx">

    If you use loop for build structure, idx can be loop-num or article-num.

    All is done. now, just insert! :

    $("article#idx h3").html(**Title**);
    $("article#idx p").html(**Description** + "<a href=\"" + **Link** + "\">Read more</a>");
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