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Appliaction A has an api setAge(String staffName). Application B and C both call this api. If a staff Jack has different names in A, B, C: JackA, JackB, JackC, so how to design application A to map JackB=>JackA and JackC=>JackA?

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You need to model identity in some way. If your business objects (e.g. staff members) are persisted in a relational db you can use the table's primary key, but this is a rather bad practice, as technical keys should not be relied upon on the application level. Instead use a unique business-id for your entities. That can be a String or a UUID for example. When accessing the entities in your API, clients have to pass that business-id as a parameter.

If you are in an OO language like Java, you might have to consider implementing object equality through equals and hashCode contracts (see here).

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really thanks! it helps me. –  Charlot Apr 27 '13 at 10:53

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