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i have downloaded a nice jqeury file uploader with progress bar from https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload

and after little bit customization i have uploaded into my server.

click "Open Child Window". you get here all images which are already uploaded into this path. and you can upload new images. everything is working fine. BUT i need not to load those images. "Open child window" will not load any images of that directory.

you can download full package of me from

thanks in advance.

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yes i have solved it in alternate ways. using a js variable in current script which is set to value 0. every time when image will upload it will increase by 1. in last block i have changed the line

{% for (var i=0, file; file=o.files[i]; i++) { %}


{% if(list_img>0) for (var i=0, file; file=o.files[i]; i++) { %}

and at bottom of template-uplaod script i have added

{% list_img=list_img+1; %}
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