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It shows that it created cached files. But, when I go and look at the location the file is not present and when I am trying to read from my mapper it shows the File Not Found Exception.

This is the code that I am trying to run:

    JobConf conf2 = new JobConf(getConf(), CorpusCalculator.class);

    //Distributed Caching of the file emitted by the reducer2 is done here
    conf2.addResource(new Path("/opt/hadoop1/conf/core-site.xml"));
    conf2.addResource(new Path("/opt/hadoop1/conf/hdfs-site.xml"));

    //cacheFile(conf2, new Path(outputPathofReducer2));





    FileInputFormat.setInputPaths(conf2, new Path(inputPathForMapper1));
    FileOutputFormat.setOutputPath(conf2, new Path(outputPathofReducer3));

    DistributedCache.addCacheFile(new Path("/sunilFiles/M51.txt").toUri(),conf2);


13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO filecache.TrackerDistributedCacheManager: Creating M51.txt in /tmp1/mapred/local/archive/-1731849462204707023_-2090562221_1263420527/localhost/sunilFiles-work-2204204368663038938 with rwxr-xr-x

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO filecache.TrackerDistributedCacheManager: Cached /sunilFiles/M51.txt as /tmp1/mapred/local/archive/-1731849462204707023_-2090562221_1263420527/localhost/sunilFiles/M51.txt

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO filecache.TrackerDistributedCacheManager: Cached /sunilFiles/M51.txt as /tmp1/mapred/local/archive/-1731849462204707023_-2090562221_1263420527/localhost/sunilFiles/M51.txt

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO mapred.JobClient: Running job: job_local_0003

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO mapred.Task:  Using ResourceCalculatorPlugin : o

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO mapred.MapTask: numReduceTasks: 1

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO mapred.MapTask: io.sort.mb = 100

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO mapred.MapTask: data buffer = 79691776/99614720

13/04/27 04:43:40 INFO mapred.MapTask: record buffer = 262144/327680

inside configure():

Exception reading DistribtuedCache: /tmp1/mapred/local/archive/-1731849462204707023_-2090562221_1263420527/localhost/sunilFiles/M51.txt (Is a directory)

Inside setup(): /tmp1/mapred/local/archive/-1731849462204707023_-2090562221_1263420527/localhost/sunilFiles/M51.txt

13/04/27 04:43:41 WARN mapred.LocalJobRunner: job_local_0003

Please help me out, I have been searching solution for this for last 6 hours continuously and tomorrow I have an assignment submission. Thank you very much.

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Which version of hadoop are you using? – Rags Apr 27 '13 at 17:20
Also share your full code – Rags Apr 27 '13 at 17:23

You might want to try -files option which is simpler.To be able to use it, driver class need to extend Configured and implement Tool.


hadoop jar jarname.jar driverclass -files file1.xml,file2.txt

In mapper or reducer:

BufferedReader reader1 = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("file1.xml"));
BufferedReader reader2 = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("file2.txt"));
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I solved this problem by using copyMerge() Property which merges all the files that are present in various machines into a single file and that file I was successfully able to use..if I am using normal file it is failing. thanks for your replies guys.

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