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I am looking for a probabilistic classifier in OpenCV, which during prediction, returns the probabilities or membership values of the various classes. I have looked into SVMs, ANNs and Normal Bayes Classifier(which is probabilistic), but all these classifiers return a discrete class for a given input.

For example if I have classes {A, B, C} and if I give an input {X} I need the membership values of the classes. Like A=0.2, B=0.1, C=0.7. Right now with these existing classifiers I am getting a discrete output(eg- C)


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Random trees in openCV have a function(predict_prob that returns a fuzzy output, giving the membership value. The function works only in binary classification problems. I can use a cascade of RTs to make it work :) –  lastlegion Apr 27 '13 at 12:58

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In this paper you will find heuristics for multi-class probabilistic outputs for SVM.

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