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I have an html form and the submit button says "submit query". How can I remove this text? I am using a background image for the submit button and this text is messing up the button :( Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Just remove the text with jquery: $('#btnSubmit').val(''); –  Swifty Nov 20 '13 at 6:43

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If you do not give your submit button a value

<input type="submit" />

instead of something like

<input type="submit" value="Submit" />

it will display 'submit query' by default. Try giving it a space &nbsp; as the value.

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<input type='submit' name='btnTest2' value=''>

Leave the value blank and there will be no words on the button. Since you're using a background image a for the button, give the button a height and width, otherwise it will display as a small gray blip (because there are no words on the button).

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You just have to give it a value:

<input type='submit' name='btnTest'>
<input type='submit' name='btnTest2' value='Push Me'>

In the example above, btnTest renders as "Submit Query" while btnTest2 renders as "Push Me". Hope this helps.

UPDATE: You can do this to not display any text.

<input type='submit' name='btnTest2' value='' style="width:100px;">
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i do not want to display any value. –  HollerTrain Oct 26 '09 at 14:59

Not sure if this was relevant then, but we would use type="image" rather than type="submit"

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Background images are not content. If you want to use an image to tell people what a submit button will do, use a real image. As a bonus that allows you to provide alternative text for users who cannot see the image (e.g. because it failed to load or because they are blind).

<button type="submit">
    <img src="example.png" alt="Submit">
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Just put a space between the value quotes. Simple fix.

Read the question before you reply. You may actually help someone.

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Unfortunately, this does not work, at least not in a CMS. I've tried the space and the &nbsp; but IE8 will not recognize it. If I put the same in the value, it reverts back to 'Submit Query'. Just updating for anyone else who finds this method through a search.

EDIT : I added text indent: -9999px; to my CSS, and it seems that it worked. I still added the space in the value attribute for good measure.

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I had this issue as well. If you don't set a value for a submit button it defaults to "Submit Query". I assume you are using an image for your submit button since you have the default value.

If you want to fix it for IE8 add a text indent using CSS which will push the default value off the screen.


If you want to fix it for IE9 you also need to change the default value because the text-indent doesn't work :( in your submit button add the following:

value=" "

I found this to work without a non-breaking space and tested it to my satisfaction on the IE's on browserstack. If you want to use the breaking space, feel free; I'll include the code.

value=" &nbsp; "

Also, thank you to the other stack-responders, you helped me fix this issue on IE9.

Also you inspired me to post my findings here and possibly help others!

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If you are using something like a jQueryUI dialog button then you do not want to have the input button show up in the form, but rather just have it in the footer of the dialog. I accomplished this by doing the following:

Because IE will automatically put in an <input type="submit" /> I put this in the form instead: <input type="submit" style="display:none" />

Then later in the dialog JavaScript I put:

   title: "Register",
   modal: true,
   width: 700,
   buttons: {
            Register: function () {
            Close: function () {
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Just remove the text with jQuery?


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use attribute value="submit"

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i want to not display the submit –  HollerTrain Oct 26 '09 at 14:57

nothing just do this

    <input type="submit /"            

a slash with a space and u will not see the Submit or Submit Query no need to give value

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