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I have the following javascript code:

var myDate = new Date("10/04/2013");
var d = myDate.getDate();
var m = myDate.getMonth();
var y = myDate.getFullYear();

When I debug this code I got:

d = 4

m = 9

y = 2013

This is not was I expected. I would like to interpret my date as day / month / year.

How to proceed?


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Create a date adaptor, which converts you date type to a proper JS date object. Some thing like this -

var myDateAdapter  = function(str){
var d = new Date();
var k = str.split('/');
return d;
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d.setMonth(k[1]-1)! –  Bergi Apr 27 '13 at 16:07

Months are 0 indexed in JavaScript.

Here is the MDN documentation for it.


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Ok that's good to know but my problem is also that my string '10/04/2013' is interpreted as month / day / year but I was expecting day / month / year. –  Bronzato Apr 27 '13 at 14:16
@Bronzato that's because javascript doesn't have culture when specifying a date. –  Daniel A. White Apr 27 '13 at 14:26

Get day, month and year using split function and construct date.

function myDateFormat(dateString) {
    var splited = dateString.split("/");
    return (new Date(splited[2],splited[1] - 1, splited[0]));

var myDate = myDateFormat("10/04/2013");

Hope this will help.

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Try this:

Date.parseEx = function (d) {
    var r = /(\d+)\/(\d+)\/(\d+)/;
    if (r.test(d)) {
        var m = d.match(r);
        return new Date(m[3], m[1] - 1, m[2]);
    return null;


var myDate = Date.parseEx("10/04/2013");
if (myDate) {
    var d = myDate.getDate();
    var m = myDate.getMonth();
    var y = myDate.getFullYear();
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